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We specialize in the production of a wide range of relay coils made to custom specifications and varying design parameters. These coils are..

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The motor is a component of a relay, which activates under the influence of an electromagnetic field caused by the..

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Header is a component of a relay, encompassing all the moving and stationary contacts of the relay, using specialized..

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A relay is an electronically operated switch that is remotely activated by an electromagnet which pulls a set of contacts..

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About us

Globatronix has been a leading manufacturer of precision electronic relay components. Over the last three decades, Globatronix has built a reputed client base by delivering comprehensive manufacturing services. The flexible structure of our organization enables us to be highly responsive to the needs of our clients with a fast turnaround time.

Globatronix does not offer off-the-shelf products, and many of our products have been tailor-made to customers’ requirements. Our network of customers includes OEMs specialty from the USA and Europe.

Why Choose Us?

More than a 75 million precision relay components have been exported from Globatronix in the last three decades.

Plant Engineering

Internal plant engineering is the core competence of development. Every machine is designed and built specifically in line with the requirements of the product. The aim is to achieve efficient, high-quality and cost-effective production, which can be up and running after six months at the latest.

Prototype building

In many cases, coils are still sampled so as to enable customers to test actual performance. These samples can be produced, depending on the design complexity of the product. Simple tools are created to achieve this, allowing significant findings to be gathered for the series production process even at this stage.


The development department is involved in the sampling process from the outset. The necessary tools are manufactured as close to series production as possible, ensuring the production process can be assessed in this phase. This is done internally or by selected external service providers.

Whether a specific coil or inductive component can be manufactured as the customer requires, is something that has to be clarified before an offer is submitted. Depending on the specifications given, this process may range from a simple technical assessment to an extensive FMEA. A test setup may also be created with the customer if we are dealing with a completely new set of requirements.

Potential suppliers are evaluated during the offer submission process. Short paths and fast reaction times are guaranteed, as Globatronix has long-term and close relationships with suppliers.

We can supervise the entire product development process on request. Thus, all production aspects are taken into account for series production, guaranteeing a stable process. Our team has a wealth of experience gathered over many years in connection systems and in designing coil bobbins, assembly parts and electronics.

The Development department is interdisciplinary (mechanical engineering, electronics, automation). Thus, the customer gets the “right” contact partner depending on the task at hand.

Development analyses every new coil or electronic component. It defines processes and specifies testing. It evaluates technical specifications or changes. Development implements the specifications for automation, handling devices and tools.

We also develop assembled electronic components and guides the customer from the development phase (as a single-source supplier). The desired end product determines which components are required. The firm’s expertise is not limited to the technical side, as procurement, quality assurance etc. are also part of that.

Quality is our top priority when it applies to our products and processes alike. As part of our integrated management system, we guarantee the documentation and continual optimization of our workflows and structures. We have ISO 9001:2015 certified plants. You can trust our quality awareness!

More than 35 Years
of Experience

Globatronix has built a reputed client base by delivering comprehensive manufacturing services.


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During this year, due to COVID-19, we faced many uncertainties and challenges. To mitigate these risks, changes were introduced at an organisational level. We followed digital onboarding process for hiring new employees and encouraged majority of our people to work from home during this time. We ensured that all our plants are always well sanitized. Employee mental health was a big concern during the pandemic. We developed a communication channel which was being utilised to address issues related to mental health.

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Supporting our Customers in uncertain time of Covid-19 Pandemic.

Our Vision & Mission

Established in 1986, Globatronix was the vision of BK Mishra, founder and chairman of the company. Starting with 50 employees now the employee strength grown more than 500. We focus our activities on the needs of our customers. We maintain courteous and fair business relations with our customers. Our success is based on the success of our customers. Quality, delivery date and price are the main criteria. Meeting a seamless customer satisfaction is our benchmark and motivation. We set ourselves goals, monitor them and constantly improve. A zero-defect strategy helps us to achieve it.

Your search for a proven and reliable Relay coil, motor assembly’s header adjustments and relays end here.

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