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    Header is a component of a relay, encompassing all the moving and stationary contacts of the relay, using specialized tools to check multiple parameters. The contacts are adjusted to achieve a specified dielectric spacing, and the return spring angle is maintained to achieve a specified return spring force as part of this process.

    Why Us:

    • Adjusted close to 10 million headers in last 15 years.
    • Epoxy coating on return spring.
    • Diode welding on header assembly.
    • Ultrasonic cleaning, Hot DI water cleaning, Steam cleaning.
    • UV light drying & Vacuum baking.
    • Header adjustment & final QC under 20x magnification.

    Some of the applications for our Header are:

    • Aerospace
    • Aircraft
    • Space Craft
    • Railroad Signaling
    • Communication Systems
    • Process Controls
    • Medical Equipment
    • Hydraulic Controls

    Your search for a proven and reliable Relay coil, motor assembly’s, header adjustments and relays end here.